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Travertine, Marble And Limestone in Brisbane

Travertine and Limestone are great all-rounder products. With their array of soft earthy tones, you will be hard pressed to find a better suited natural stone material that is robust, yet elegant and great value for money. Composed principally of calcium carbonate with a blend of fossils, shell fragments and other fossilised debris, these natural stones are cool under foot, making them perfect for use around your pool, outside entertaining areas, and let’s not forget the abundance of internal surfaces it can also be applied to. 

Marble is one of the top selling stones globally. With its colours ranging from warm to cool, and its vein variance and detail, you can see why it is a sought after material. Here you’ll find: travertine tile, travertine flooring, marble tile, marble flooring, as well as limestone tile and limestone flooring.

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